I’ll like to write something that’s very dear to my heart, a topic that is very sensitive for most people for many reasons. The topic is: eating animals for food or fun. Most people like to say if we only use vegetable then it will create protein deficiency in our body. An interesting argument over vegetable protein, (aka plant protein, or protein found in fruits and vegetables) has raged for years. Some say that it's incomplete. Here's what they mean:

There are nine essential amino acids. Those nine cannot be synthesized by the body, and so must be taken in through what we eat. No one fruit or vegetable contains all nine, though protein taken from animals does. Therefore, some have concluded that vegetable protein doesn't meet the body's requirements for protein, and that animal protein is necessary.

This is something that was dismissed by nutrition experts years ago. The author of the 1970s-era "incomplete protein theory," Frances Moore Lappe, admitted in the 1990s that she had been completely mistaken in her assertion that combining protein is necessary. We now know that while we need to get all of those nine amino acids, we don't need to get them together, or even in the same day.

So where can we get protein? All plant matter contains protein. By eating a variety, we meet out needs.

Protein Comparison:
Bananas- 4 percent
Cucumbers- 11 percent
Oranges- 7 percent
Green Leaf Lettuce- 22 percent
Watermelon- 7 percent
Eggs- 37 percent
Whole Milk - 23 percent
Beef - 50 percent.

No one questions the speed and strength of a monkey, or the overwhelming force of a charging Rhino, but people can't imagine muscle building from fruits and vegetables. These creatures eat only raw fruits and vegetables, and it has served them well.

If you're eating fruits and vegetables and getting enough calories, protein deficiency is virtually impossibility. In developed countries, protein deficiency is unknown. In cases of starvation, the body will start digesting muscle for energy, but this can be corrected by simply feeding a person simple vegetable matter, with will supply enough vegetable protein for all of the body's needs.

But if you can get all of your amino acids from animal protein, and have to worry about variety for vegetables, why shouldn't you go with animal protein?

The protein found in other animals is very similar to our protein needs because they mostly have the right amount of each amino acid. They can be synthesized very efficiently by our bodies. However, efficiency isn't best, in this case.

According to Dr. Campbell, "The concept of quality really means the efficiency with which food proteins are used to promote growth. This would be well and good if the greatest efficiency equaled the greatest health, but it doesn't and that's why the terms efficiency and quality are misleading. In fact...there is a mountain of compelling research showing that "low-quality plant protein, which allows for slow but steads synthesis of new proteins, is the healthiest type of protein...Plant proteins may be lacking in one or more of the essential amino acids, as a group they do contain all of them." (1)

The problem with animal protein is that it's a known carcinogen. In studies, rats exposed to carcinogens and then fed a diet of whey protein developed cancers and died quickly.

"So the next logical question was whether plant protein, tested in the same way, has the same effect on cancer promotion as casein," writes Campbell. "The answer is an astonishing no. In these experiments the plant protein did not promote cancer growth, even at higher levels of intake.”(2)

Vegetable protein does not cause cancer, unlike animal protein, and so should be the source of all your protein requirements.

Animal protein is also far too high in fat and cholesterol for optimum nutrition. Eggs are 60 percent fat, as is ground beef. Cheddar cheese is 72 percent fats.

Extra protein is also extremely acidifying for the body, which must strip calcium from the bones to counteract the acid. Above 10 percent of calories from animal protein, autoimmune disease, cancer, and impaired liver and kidney function are often the result, according to the China Study.

Surely you care about the food that’s not only making you overweight and ugly, but also killing your children by slowly clogging up their coronary arteries. Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing what food is slowly washing away the calcium from your bones and thickening your blood with insoluble fat?

For those of you who need a little more convincing about the medical aspects of eating animals vs becoming a vegetarian, about what food is truly a balanced diet, what food can actually KILL you and your loved ones and what food can heal you and help you live a healthy, lean, thin, energized life – I know of no better teacher than Dr Klaper of the Institute of Nutritional Education and Research.

Dr. Michael Klaper has been a physician for 37 years and a vegan since he was 34 years of age. Among many other interesting posts, Dr. Klaper has served as advisor to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) project on nutrition for long-term space colonists, so you know you are learning from a professional here. A gifted teacher, humorous lecturer, and the author of successful books and video’s on cholesterol-free nutrition, Dr. Klaper has contributed to the making of the award winning PBS television production, “Diet for a New America.”

Here is a funny quote from Dr Klaper that I love: “Nobody has ever been found face-down 20 yards from the Burger King because they couldn’t get their Whopper in time.”

I hope this gets you to think and seriously reconsider not only your own diet choices but also that of your family and loved ones. A small shift in your consciousness can create a ripple effect into all eternity, touch lives in unknown places through undreamed of ways. The world needs your help today. Do something about it. Become a vegetarian. Stop killing sentient beings.

I hope you will spread the word around and share this with as many people as you can in whatever way you can. You never know whose life you will end up saving.

With lots of love,

(1)  T. Colin Campbell, PHD, the China Study, pgs 30-31
(2) T. Colin Campbell, PHD, the China Study, pg 59.
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5/22/2010 10:05:23 pm

Moudud Khan
5/23/2010 07:38:11 pm

Great idea (I would rather say phylosophy). There are two challenges- 1) get rid of the delicious (?) foods made from meats, 2) define sentient being.

Keep on doing research on the nutrition factors of plant proteins.

I would be helpful to promote the philosophy by discovering the delicious foods already being prepared at many places on earth (south India on the lead).

But, above all, if everyone accepts the philosophy of not killing conscious being then then the rest would not be any issue.

Consider myself as one of your companion in promoting the movement.

Which you all success.

Moudud Khan

khairun Afroz
5/30/2010 01:34:37 pm

To get rid of the delicious (?) foods made from meats you can try to make some delicious foods from vegetable. Here are some free resources for making your transition to becoming a vegetarian easier:

Great vegetarian recipes:

Another free vegetarian recipes site:

To define sentient being the words come "Spiritual enlightenment". I can shortly say about this:
'Sentient beings is a technical term in Buddhist discourse. Broadly speaking, it denotes beings with consciousness or sentience or, in some contexts, life itself. Specifically, it denotes the presence of the five aggregates, or skandhas.'

10/21/2010 07:11:33 pm

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